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Microneedling Needle Cartridge 10pcs

Microneedling Needle Cartridge 10pcs

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3-Lock cartridge design featuring a built-in isolation zone that prevents flow back. The cartridges are crafted of medical grade stainless steel and come in four sizes: 12, 18, 36 and R Nano. Each cartridge is individually packaged and sterilized with medical-grade EO gas and is transparent in color. For safety, the cartridge is capped and may be removed prior to treatment. 10pcs included in 1 box.

The sterile needle cartridges come in four different configurations;

· 12 pin - 0.25mm needle diameter - Best for targeted applications and for the face.

· 18 pin - 0.18mm needle diameter - best for targeted applications and for the face.

· 36 pin - 0.25mm needle diameter - Used on larger, more sensitive body areas.

· Round Nano - 250um needle diameter - The round nano are great for skin rejuvenation and deep exfoliation.


· 3 lock cartridge design 

· Separate built-in isolation zone to avoid flow back. 

· Range of cartridge configuration available, 12 / 18 / 36 / round nano. 

· Stainless steel medical grade material. 

· Individually packed. 

· Medical grade EO (Ethylene Oxide) gas sterilized. 

· Clear Color 

· Safety cap, which can be removed when ready to perform the treatment.


· Vertical needle entry for increased client comfort, less risk of trauma to the skin and minimal downtime. The 90° needle entry ensures consistency without compromising the integrity of the skin. 

· Adjustable needle lengths in a single cartridge, ensuring the treatment can be customized and all areas treated safely. 

· Four cartridge options to allow for a wider range of clinical indications to be treated, including effective body treatments. 

· The precision of micro-wounds created by the needles ensure quick recovery (typically 1-2 days) and integrity of the skin barrier function. 

· Strong, durable medical graded stainless steel needles ensure no needle bend risk, abrasion or tearing on the skin, offering greater client comfort. 

· Sterile for client protection. No backflow of bodily fluid through the pen, ensuring no risk of contamination or cross-infection. 

· Variable oscillation speeds for greater control, cuts down on procedural times and supports client comfort. 

· Effortlessly glides over the skin making the treatment comfortable for both the therapist and client. 

· Disposable single-use sterile needle cartridges ensuring a safe and hygienic treatment.

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