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M3 1/2-Inch Micropore Tape 3-Pack

M3 1/2-Inch Micropore Tape 3-Pack

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Every beauty professional’s toolkit should contain a roll of M3 Micropore tape. This gentle, multi-use medical tape is perfect for a variety of beauty treatments. Whether you are holding the upper eyelid taut during eyelash extension application or you have run out of under eye pads and are performing a lash lift or tint, or you have a client who is allergic to adhesives, this eyelash tape – surgical paper tape is a great solution!

Product benefits:

  • Gentle and breathable
  • General purpose
  • No sticky residue

This breathable paper tape is porous and will not cause your client to be uncomfortable the way other sticky adhesives can. With minimal adhesive, it won’t leave behind a sticky residue on the client’s skin or pull out hair, which makes it ideal for holding lower lashes in place or to use over eyebrows to hold the upper eyelid taut.

Product features:

  • ½ inch x 10 yards
  • Hypoallergenic and latex-free
  • 3 rolls

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