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InLei | TEDDIES Silicone Brushes

InLei | TEDDIES Silicone Brushes

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Unique design to style the eyelashes and brows!

High-quality silicone lash and brow. brushes. Designed to straighten and comb. lash and brow hairs out. Soft and gentile to use. See the difference InLei®. makes.

InLei®TEDDIES Silicone brushes are perfect for lash and brow services. Giving the InLei® lash filler treatment the next level in look and style. Get your InLei® TEDDIES today!

Incredible Product Details:

  • Silicone of High-quality.

  • It provides hygienic applications.

  • The brushes are disposable.

  • One set comes with 50 pieces.

The best in lash and brow care InLei® has taken the world by some with its innovative and Premium products. InLei® lash filler has given clients a reason to jump for joy with their thicker fuller lashes. Lifting to new heights. Check out InLei® today!

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