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InLei Lamica Gel

InLei Lamica Gel

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Get professional quality results every time with InLei LamiCa Gel, the ultimate adhesive solution for Lash Lift and Brow Lamination professionals. Our specially designed formula offers a range of features and benefits that make it the perfect choice for creating stunning, natural looking brows and lashes. 

Some of the standout features and benefits of InLei LamiCa Gel Include:

  • A slower setting point allows for precise application and styling of brows and lashes.
  • water soluble formula is gentle and easy to remove, making it perfect for sensitive skin.
  • Flexible during application for a comfortable and natural look.
  • Designed specifically for professional use, ensuring consistent, high quality results. 
  • Comes in a 5ml size, enough for up to 15 treatments. 
  • Can be used with InLei brand products for best results. 

To use InLei LamiCa Gel, simply follow the instructions provided in the leaflet. Apply a small amount of the adhesive to the silicone curler, then place the natural brow or lash onto the adhesive and hold in place until it sets. Repeat this process for the desired look, then carefully remove the brows or lashes using the InLei Lash and Brow Remover. 



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