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InLei Grab n Go Lash Filler | Lash Lift Refill

InLei Grab n Go Lash Filler | Lash Lift Refill

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Add volume to the lashes with one sufficient kit!

Everything you need to refill your lash lift products. All three products are included in one, simple to use kit. InLei Grab n Go is just that. A complete kit to get you back to your chair without the headache of what products to buy.

The kit includes:

  • FORM 1 (bottle)
  • FIX 2 (bottle)
  • FILLER 3 (bottle)
  • Fixing Gel (faster setting) OR LamiCa Gel (slower setting)

Let's get into the features:

  • Innovative treatment lash lift kit
  • High quality products
  • Proven to thicken the lashes by 24%
  • Made in Italy


  • Once the product is open, it's good for 2 months
  • Each pack contains instructions
  • Never let the product sit on metal. It will oxidize and change the chemical process and color. 



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