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InLei® | Mr. Fix Brow Adhesive

InLei® | Mr. Fix Brow Adhesive

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NEW LOOK!! InLei "MISTER FIX" Brow Adhesive 15 ml

The classic Mister Fix, but even more powerful in the new aluminum bottle!

The use of Mister Fix, a water-soluble adhesive, for the professional Brow Bomber treatment will transform your eyebrow lamination treatments into true works of art! The adhesive allows you to shape, position, and modify the direction of the eyebrows, making it essential for preparing the eyebrow arch for a change in shape.

For eyebrow treatment only. Its use on eyelashes is strictly prohibited, as it can cause serious eye damage.

  • 100% Made in Italy
  • Color: transparent
  • Water-soluble, easily removable
  • Drying speed: medium, efficient for treatment needs
  • Convenient and practical tube format
  • Aluminum packaging for maximum formula protection
  • Dosage with precision nozzle
  • For professional use only
  • Content: 15 ml (up to 35 treatments)
  • PAO (Period After Opening): 12 months
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