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Amber Pigment

Amber Pigment

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Eyebrow Pigment - Bisque Cream

Everlasting Brows Microblading Pigments

Everlasting Brows pigments are creamy and highly concentrated, ensuring your strokes remain crisp and durable. The tone? Think of Amber Heard - bisque cream. Everlasting pigments are all about making it simple.

Not only with color choice (which can be mixed to achieve more colors) but also with the healing process. Pigment heals true to color and do not need modifier. ✓ Everlasting Brows pigments are produced in Germany ✓ Everlasting pigments contain only highest quality raw ingredients ✓ Each pigment batch is tested for impurities - and heavy metals and is approved by InkCert; fulfilling all toxicological demand of CoE ResAp. Less impurities mean that skin will be more perceptive to pigment, which will create better healed results. ✓ Formula ensures high pigment saturation, without any added water. ✓ Non toxic, non corrosive, non irritating, non photo-toxic; meeting all health standards. ✓ Sterilized according to medical device directive, meaning additional peace of mind for your client’s to know that you have chosen what’s best for their wellbeing and beauty.

Everlasting Brow Pigments are for both microblading and machine method of semi permanent makeup! 

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