Why InLei Lash Filler is #1

There's no shortage of lash treatments on the market, and it can be hard to know which one is the best lash treatment. If your goal is to get lifted lashes, you could take a couple of different routes. If you're looking for the best lash treatment on the market, you'll use InLei Lash Filler. Let talk about why!

Popular Lash Treatments

Before we expose what it takes to become the number one lash treatment, let's take a look at the contestants:

  1. Lash Perm
  2. Lash Lamination
  3. Lash Botox
  4. Lash Growth Serum
  5. Lash Filler

Lash Perms, lamination, botox, growth serums, and fillers are all great options for treating your lashes. Each procedure has its pros and cons. The ingredients and techniques of each lash treatment are what sets them apart from each other. 

Lash Perm

With a lash perm, you can expect the base ingredients to be ammonia and hydrogen peroxide. A lash perm works by opening up the "scales" of the hair, allowing the perming solutions to penetrate. Lash Perming results in a stable curl, but the treatment does not provide essential nutrition to the lashes. 

Lash Lamination 

Lash lamination products typically use thioglycolic acid and bromine sodium to do the job. The serum gently penetrates the hair without having to open the scales. Lash lamination gives a stable curl by nourishing the hair internally. With proper application, it is presumed the nutritional elements of the solutions remain on the hair. 

Lash Botox

Lash botox can be used as an add-on treatment during lash lamination or as a standalone treatment. Lash Botox is a nutritious for the lashes serum made with keratin, pantheon, and argan oil. It nourishes the cortex of the hairs. 

Lash Growth Serum

Lash growth serums are made from a wide variety of ingredients, depending on the brand. The serum penetrates the hair, reaching the bulb and stimulating growth. The hair grows in length but not density. 

Lash Filler

InLei Lash Filler uses a combination of thioglycolic acid and hydrogen peroxide to gently penetrate the hair without causing damage to the structure. All of the formulas are specifically created to work harmoniously with one another, ensuring a stable thickening and curling of the hair. Lash Filler is the only treatment scientifically proven to nourish the bulb and promote growth. 

Lash Treatment Options

To summarize, here are the highlights of the hottest lash treatment trends:

1. Lash Perm

  • Uses the base ingredients of ammonia and hydrogen peroxide
  • It opens the scales of the hair, allowing the substances to penetrate. 
  • Gives a stable curl without significant nutrition.

2. Lash Lamination

  • Works based on thioglycolic acid and bromine sodium.
  • Gently penetrates the hair without opening the scales.
  • It provides a stable curl by nourishing the hair internally. With proper application, it is presumed the nutritive elements remain inside the hair and do not wash away. 

3. Lash Botox

  • It can be used in addition to the perm during lash lamination, or as a standalone product. 
  • Exclusively nutritive substance for natural hair based on keratin, pantheon, and argan oil. It nourishes the cortex of the hairs. 

4. Lash Growth Serum

  • Depending on the brand, this product can be made from a wide range of ingredients, and some even have hormones to nourish and regrow the hairs. 
  • Penetrates the hair, reaching the hair bulb and stimulating growth. 
  • The hair has grown in length, but not in density. So it remains fragile and empty. 

5. Lash Filler

  • It uses a combination of thioglycolic acid and hydrogen peroxide made with high quality Italian raw materials. 
  • Gently penetrates the hair without damaging the structure. 
  • The formulas of the substances (perm, tinting, filler) are designed to work in conjunction with one another, ensuring a mild and stable thickening and curling of the hair. 
  • Scientifically proven to penetrate and remain in the hair, nourish the bulb and influence the growth by improving the structure of the matrix.

What is InLei Lash Filler?

InLei Lash Filler is a 3 step lash lifting treatment with extra 'oomph'! Lash Filler treatments deconstruct and then reconstruct the lash curl just like you would see in your typical lash lift, but there's an extra step!

The secret to the lash filler process is the third solution: Filler 3! Filler 3 penetrates deep into the hair to nourish and repair any damage and promote growth and longevity. As if that wasn't enough, Lash Filler is scientifically proven to thicken and nourish the lashes. To learn about Lash Filler more in depth, read all about it here!

Get InLei Lash Filler

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Thank you for reading, and happy lifting!


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