What to charge for brow lamination

What to Charge for Brow Lamination Services

What to Charge for Brow Lamination Services.

Adding a new service to your salon is always exciting - for you and your customers. Brow lamination is no exception! Brow lamination is all the rage right now, and you are looking to set your salon up for success by offering it to your customers. At this point, you've invested a lot of time and resources into your knowledge and products, and you're ready to start! The last step: figuring out what you should charge for brow lamination services in your salon. 

Invest in Quality Education

The first step you've got to take before offering brow lamination services in your salon is to get educated! Invest the time, energy, and resources into getting an education that will help you excel at the process and stand above the competition. When you've got a quality education, you'll be rewarded with quality results! 

To find a fantastic training program for brow lamination, reach out to Lash Kings today!

Choose the Best Brow Lamination Products

It's crucial that whatever products you are offering to use on your customers are the best of the best! The best brow lamination products will set your salon apart from the rest. If you provide a superior brow lamination process than the surrounding competition, the word is going to spread fast! 

Stand Out With InLei Brow Bomber!

InLei is an Italian beauty company that has spent years formulating a brow lamination line that is sure to knock your clients' socks off! The quality that you've come to expect from all Italian made products is not lost on Inlei! Just one try, and you and your clients will be hooked!

InLei Brow Bomber products are known for their reparative quality. This 3-step brow lamination product line is absolutely exceptional! Each step of the process focuses not only on the intended result but also on minimizing and repairing damage to the hair and skin along the way. When you put your trust in InLei, you'll be rewarded with superior results!

InLei Brow Bomber offers you the opportunity to surprise your clients by making their brows healthier after their brow lamination treatment than before. InLei Brow Bomber is the only treatment in the world that is scientifically proven to promote thicker hair growth by up to 24% over three treatments! 

By offering InLei Brow Bomber treatment in your salon, you'll surely notice that customers will come back for more. Which leads us to our next topic of discussion: What should you charge for brow lamination?

Deciding What to Charge For Brow Lamination

Deciding what price point to come in at can be the most challenging part of adding a service to your salon. You'll want to make sure whatever price you choose is enticing to customers but still gives you a good return on your investment. 

According to Cosmopolitan, brow lamination services typically range from $80 to $140. So, where should your salon fall on that range? We recommend you consider the following when determining what to charge for brow lamination at your salon:

1. Location of Salon

2. Product Reputation

3. Availability

Salon Location

As with most salon services, the price of a brow lamination varies considerably based on the location. The easiest way to find out what you should charge is to find out what salons near you are charging. It's easy! Just search Google for "brow lamination near me". 

By having a similar price point to the salons in your area, you will entice customers to reach out to you. Take some time to look at salons within your vicinity and use that information to set your prices. If there is an extensive range of prices in your area, look for what sets the companies apart from each other to determine a cause for the variance. 

Product Reputation

It's no secret that some brands are better than others. Brow lamination products are no different. Investing in a brand that sets you apart from and above the others is a great way to help raise what you should charge for your brow lamination services. By having the best brow lamination supplies, you can give the best results. Don't be scared to research surrounding salons to ask what products they are using. If the brands being used are on par with yours, it would be a good idea to keep your prices similar. 

If you have taken the time to gain a strong knowledge of the brow lamination process and are confident that your education and products used to make you stand out from the rest, then your prices should reflect that! Don't undervalue the time you've invested into yourself and your salon to offer quality brow lamination services. Customers will notice and appreciate the difference in quality! 

Salon Availability 

Your salon availability can indicate whether or not it might be time to reduce or increase your prices. When you begin offering brow lamination services, you may choose to start yourself on the lower price end of the scale and see what happens. This can help entice clients to give your services a try. Once your books are filling up with brow lamination appointments, it's time to increase your prices. 

Want to Boost Brow Lamination Appointments?

A great way to get brow lamination appointments on your books is to convert your existing clients! Introduce them to brow lamination treatments by telling them how it can complement the services that they are already receiving. Use your knowledge of your client's salon goals to determine how to present a brow lamination treatment to them. 

Brow lamination treatments typically last 6-8 weeks, making them an excellent option for clients who want to cut down their trips to the salon. For those clients that want an extra something between appointments, it is a great idea to offer brow henna or brow tinting treatments intermittently between lamination treatments. 

Brow Lamination Treatment Charge

Knowing what to charge for brow lamination treatments in your salon requires research! Take time to sit down and stake out your surroundings. Make sure your salon products are on par with your pricing. Don't forget: Once your books start getting full, reward your success by increasing your profit. 

If you're ready to stand apart from the competition by offering the highest quality services around, be sure to try out InLei. Grab your FREE InLei Brow Bomber Sample Pack today! 

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