For those of you who don't quite know us yet, we are a beauty distributor and training provider focusing on lash lifting, brow lamination, lash & brow tints, and microblading products. Since we started our journey in 2017 in Sausalito, California, we have been focusing on carrying top quality brands, with only the best ingredients to ensure not only amazing results, but also that the client is cared for during every procedure. We have spent countless hours on continuation of our training program to ensure every trainee leaves full of confidence and with the knowledge and skills needed to achieve the best results.

Here is a list of brands that we currently carry:

Lash & Brow Bomb

Lash & Brow Bomb is an amazing product line from the UK. Recently brought onto our line of products, this brand is used for both lash lifting and brow lamination services. The solutions are full of nutrients to ensure the lashes and brows are nourished throughout the entire procedure. Unlike other fast processing lash lift brands, Lash Bomb has these nourishing ingredients in all three steps, instead of just having it in the final step 3 or having to have an extra nourishing aftercare. This is to ensure not only amazing results, but to protect the lashes and brows from getting over processed. You can find all lash lift and brow lamination supplies here.

Beautiful Brows & Lashes Tint

These lash tints, also from the UK, are 5 vibrant colors that are made to enhance the depth of beauty for any client's hair color. 

Our world-renowned Eyelash and Eyebrow Tint will add definition to your clients brows and lashes for a look they will fall in love with. Tint will last 3-6 weeks depending upon your clients natural hair growth. Great for covering those feisty, grey hairs and coloring the skin underneath to give the illusion of a fuller looking eyebrow.

Natural - For your blonde or redheaded clients wanting a little extra visibility.

Mid Brown - For your dirty blonde clients wanting a natural deeper look. 

Brown - For your brunettes looking to accentuate their natural brow and naturally color their lashes to rid of sun bleaches tips. This color can be added for pre-order

Deep Black - a true natural black.

Blue Black - for those lashes that really want to pop! 

These tints are made to really give the best results with every single client, no matter the color of hair or condition. You can find all our tint products here

Everlasting Brows

Everlasting Brows is a Microblading and Semi Permanent Makeup brand based in London, UK. We chose to work with this brand due to how hands on they are with every detail of their products. Their blades are double sharpened and durable to ensure you don't have to swap blades halfway through the procedure! Their pigments are all made with delicate precision in Germany and each bottle is tested for quality assurance. The pigments are made with the best ingredients to ensure they fade to the natural skin color and not a red/orange color, and made to give great color and results that last, and the list goes on. Here is the direct link to all Everlasting Brows product and information. 


We are very proud for having the opportunity to work with these brands and companies. We offer training services as well and can put you in direct contact with the trainer nearest you! Just drop us an email at or call us at 435-773-0471 and we are happy to help you out. 

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