SPMU, or Semi Permanent Make Up. Do you offer these services in your salon? Are you wanting to offer these services but haven’t found the right brand yet? Well, the good news is that we are about to help you with that decision. Read below for the extra push you have been needing to decide which SPMU products & services to start using in your salon. 


Everlasting Brows is a UK based company. Their products are all top quality, and they are known to consistently produce amazing results across the globe. The products include everything you need for SPMU, whether it’s classic microblading with the hand tool & blades, or machine use with cartridges for lips, eyeliner, or even mesotherapy. Everlasting Brows has it all. 


Everlasting Brows blades are spectacular! What makes these blades different and stand out among the rest is how they are made. The owners of the brand have personally gone to the manufacturing warehouse and set the standard for each blade that is made. All blades are double sharpened to ensure easiness to work with, and durability throughout all treatments. No more throwing away dull blades midway through the treatment! With these blades, we guarantee that they will last the duration of the service. 

The blades come in different thicknesses and sizes to fit your every need. Our favorite blade would have to be the Nano .15 U Shaped Blade. The latest Everlasting Brows microblading blade and the thinnest on the market, it will create undetectable strokes.



These pigments are a game changer for all you SPMU artists. Everlasting pigments are all about making it simple. Not only with color choice (which can be mixed to achieve more colors) but also with the healing process. Pigments heal true to color and do not need a modifier. But this is just the beginning. Here are some more facts about Everlasting Pigments that will blow your mind: 

  • Everlasting Brows pigments are 100% produced in Germany
  • Everlasting pigments contain only the highest quality, raw ingredients
  • Each pigment batch is tested for impurities and heavy metals. Also, each pigment is approved by InkCert, fulfilling all toxicological demands of CoE ResAp. Less impurities mean that skin will be more perceptive to pigment, which will create better healed results.
  • The formula ensures high pigment saturation, without any added water.
  • Non toxic, non corrosive, non irritating, non photo-toxic; meeting all health standards.
  • Sterilized according to the medical device directive, meaning additional peace of mind for your client’s to know that you have chosen what’s best for their wellbeing and beauty. 

Pigments can be used for both microblading and machine method of semi permanent makeup! There are several different colors for brows, eyeliner, and lips. With such a wide range, you are sure to find the perfect match for every single one of your clients.


The healing process is another reason why Everlasting Brows stands out above the rest. As stated above, these pigments heal to true color without needing any modifier. To help with the healing process so that the results last as long as possible, there is a special aftercare procedure to follow. When your clients follow these simple steps, the results will last up to 18 months! 

For the first 14 days: 

  • Once you return home after the procedure, wipe the area using a Q-tip and water.
  • Apply the healing balm as per advice from your therapist. You might not need to use it at all if your skin is naturally oily. Or if your skin is dry, you may need to use the balm several times a day.
  • Before applying a new layer of balm, ensure to gently remove the previous one with a Q-tip and water.
  • No makeup or skincare products directly on your new SPMU/Microblading.
  • Do not wet/soak your SPMU.
  • Avoid excessive exercising for the first 7 days as sweat can contribute to poor retention.
  • Avoid saunas, steam rooms, and sunbeds.
  • If any scabbing occurs, allow to shed naturally without picking.
  • Avoid touching the area, if it itches, gently tap to relieve the itch.
  • When using a towel to dry, just pat the area without rubbing.

When your clients follow these aftercare instructions, we guarantee that the beautiful results will last longer on your client, making them feel more beautiful than ever before! 

If you would like more information on Everlasting Brows products, you can find everything on our website www.lashkings.com or contact us via email info@lashkings.com, call or text us at 435-773-0471 and we can assist you with any questions you may have. 

To stay up to date with all our latest news and products, you can follow us on instagram @lash_kings or subscribe to our newsletter!

Thank you for choosing Lash Kings 

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