Brow Lamination is a service that has taken the industry by storm in just a short matter of time. It seems like at this time last year, I was only hearing it whispered amongst the crowd. Now, less than one year later, it’s a service that literally EVERYONE is raving about. 

Not quite sure what brow lamination is? That’s okay, we are about to explain. And whether you’re a salon tech or a client looking for a new treatment, we promise that this is the exact service you’ve been looking for. 

What is Brow Lamination?

Brow Lamination is a great way to tame those crazy eyebrows that want to grow in any direction they want. The procedure uses solutions that are specifically made to work on the brows and not harm the skin. Before you offer this service, we provide training workshops as it’s important to learn the technique of brow lamination and how to properly perform for the best results. 

What happens with these solutions is you apply the first one, which will soften the hair follicle and prep them for redirection. Then you apply a second solution which will enter the follicle and allow it to be restructured and redirected, then finish with a nourishing treatment to keep the hairs nourished and hydrated. With brow lamination, you can take hairs that are growing downward and lift them up and shape them to make them look fabulous! It’s popular to also do a tint and a brow wax/shave/thread as well. The results last for the rest of the hair growth cycle. 

Why do Brow Lamination?

Have you ever seen eyebrows that look like they’re a bit out of control? Or maybe they look similar to the Angry Bird cartoon? Well, fortunately for someone with eyebrows like this there is a solution. With brow lamination, you are using the proper solutions to tame them, get them under control, and help those angry brows turn into flawless, beautiful brows.  

The service is quick, simple, and painless. Maybe you need your brows done but you’re not sure about microblading. Brow Lamination is your answer. When you first meet someone, generally the first thing they look at is your face, and on your face the eye/brow area. So isn’t it important to make sure that your brows are on fleek? We think so too. 

What does it look like?

People are absolutely loving this service. Why? Take a look at the photo below from the amazing Beautiful Brows & Lashes artist @beautybygemmapalin on Instagram and we don’t need to explain anything more. Let the photo do the talking. 

brow bomb brow lamination

You can see in this photo, the left is the before, which her brows weren't too bad, just need a little touch up. In the right photo however, the brows are all going in a perfect direction, the extra hairs have been removed, and a beautiful color tint has been applied. These new brows are fabulous! Complete game changer for this client. 

Okay, so brow lamination. Now you can see why it has become so popular, so fast. Right? So many salons around the world are adding this service to their list of treatments. If you haven’t added this to yours yet, we can definitely help you. We use Brow Bomb for our brow lamination and the results have been outstanding! If you are interested in adding this to your services, we can help with training and certification. Just contact us via email at, or call us at +1 435 773 0471.

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We hope you enjoyed this article, and hope you love brow lamination as much as we do!

Thank you for choosing Lash Kings

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Can you use the lash lift solution for the brow lift as well?

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