3 Common Mistakes Made While Lash Lifting

Have you ever performed a lash lift, did everything you’ve done on past clients, but for some reason the lift turned out nasty? Or the lashes didn’t even lift? Frustrating, right? Granted, all clients aren’t the same and their lashes are different. But, I would say 90% of people that reach out to me about a bad lift end up making very common mistakes. In this post, I’ll chat about these mistakes & how to avoid them to hopefully give you better, more consistent results. Keep in mind this is not for all lash lift brands. We always recommend reaching out to your trainer/distributor to get help from them as they are specifically trained for the brand they train/distribute.


One Eye Lifts, The Other Doesn’t

  • Have you ever done a lift, one eye lifts to the sky and the other is basically closed? Didn’t even lift at all? Well, this happens more often than you’d think and the reason behind it is very simple.
  • Well, here’s what happens most of the time - you didn’t clean the mascara off, silly! The majority of the time someone reaches out to me about this, they’ll send me photos of their process and you can see tons of mascara on the lashes! When you perform a lift, the first step when your client is on the table is THOROUGHLY clean the ENTIRE eye area. This doesn’t mean just lazily wipe the eyes and call it good. Even if they’re not wearing makeup, still clean it thoroughly! What happens if you don’t get all the mascara/makeup off is it prevents the solutions from entering the hair follicle which in turn isn’t able to change the shape of the lash and the lashes don’t lift. So, if you still see a little mascara coming off the lashes when you start lifting, you need to clean them better or you lift won’t work!

The Lashes Came Out All Crinkled and Criss Crossed

  • This is a common mistake made during the most important time of the process. Lash separation and the way they look while glued to the shield is crucial. The way the lashes look while glued to the shield and processing is how they’re going to look at the end of the procedure. So, instead of swiping glue all across the shield and racing to get the lashes lifted before the glue dries, work in small sections. I like to break the eye up into 4-5 sections, apply a little bit of glue and just work with a few lashes. I lift them straight up, separate them, and when they’re all perfectly straight, separated, and tight, then I'll apply glue in the next section and work with the next few lashes, and so on.
  • Another important note, after removing solution 1 and before applying solution 2 the lashes may have moved a bit. Since solution 2 is what will set the lashes into place, it’s extremely important to make sure that the lashes are absolutely PERFECT before applying solution 2. That being said, when you remove solution 1 the lashes may have moved. So go back through, re-tighten, re-straighten, re-separate the lashes. If you need to apply a tiny bit more glue to get them into place, that’s totally fine. Then, when they’re perfectly placed, apply solution 2.

When I Finished The Lift, The Lashes Looked Great! When the Client Got Home, The Lashes Over Curled and Over Processed

  • This happens almost too often. And for those of us who have had this happen and not know why, the majority of the time the answer has been quite simple - not rinsing the solution out properly!
  • When you’re removing the second solution, it’s very important to completely remove all of the solution from the lashes or else they will continue to process. We use InLei Lash Filler, which has been clinically tested and proven to nourish, strengthen, and thicken the lashes by 24%. Definitely a game changer and safe against over processing The reason people’s lashes over curl is because solution was left in the lashes, even if it’s a little bit it will continue to process. So no matter what brand you are using, it is crucial you remove every last drop of solution to ensure no over processing happens.
  • After you remove the solutions and finish the procedure, it’s important to dry them and brush them out to make sure that they’re going the right direction and it helps get any remaining glue out of the lashes.

 What Makes InLei Special?

  • InLei is 100% made in Italy, and has been clinically tested AND proven to thicken the lashes by 24%. One of a kind. It's called Lash Filler because that's exactly what it does - it fills the lashes! It's also packed with nourishing ingredients so the lashes are strengthened during every procedure. It's a win win situation, no wonder the world is going crazy over this new technology! 

Go ahead and give InLei a try, we guarantee both you and your clients will love it!

So there you have it, 3 common mistakes that are made often while lash lifting. I get people almost on a daily basis that reach out to me with a problem, and 90% of the time it deals with one of these items.

I hope this was helpful, and please feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions about this, or if you come to a road block with your lash lifts and need help getting over it!

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Thank you for taking the time to read, and happy lashing!

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