Classic Eyelash Extensions

Elleebana eyelash extensions are hand-cut, rolled, and heated to set the curl of the lash. The extensions are designed to give more impact than most others can achieve. All lashes are crafted using PBT (a high-quality Korean fiber). Elleebana eyelash extensions are jet black with a semi-gloss finish. They pack a more powerful punch than other lash extensions while still looking natural, soft, and fluffy. Classic Lash Extensions are available in the following sizes. Curl: B,C,D,J. Diameter: 0.12-0.25. Length: 6mm-15mm. Mixed trays contain the following rows: 7mm(1), 8mm(2), 9mm(2), 10mm(3), 11mm(3), 12mm(3), 13mm(2).