Belmacil General Tint Kit-Build Your Own

Everything you need and nothing that you don’t! If you are a beauty professional that performs tinting for your client’s lashes or brows, this is the ultimate Belmacil Tint kit and we made it just for you! When you purchase the tint kit, you’ll have the choice of tints that are included. This allows you to order the products you use regularly and not worry about having products that you don’t need. The build-your-own kit includes:

  • 4 Belmacil Tints (choose 4 from the list below)
  • Belmacil Eye Makeup Remover
  • Belmacil Oxydant Creme
  • Belmashield Protective Eye Balm
  • Belmacil Mixing Dish
  • Application Brush
  • Eyebrow Brush & Comb
  • Protective Eye Guard
  • 96 count Belmacil Paper Eye Shields
  • Belmacil tinting system information brochure