#1 Lash Pack (5-pack One Shot, Adhesive, Combo Rods)

This lash lift combo pack defines one-stop shopping! It includes:

  • 5 Single Use Sachets Setting lotion
  • 5 Single Use Sachets Lift Lotion
  • Lash Lift Adhesive
  • Lash Lift Rods – Combo Pack

Beauty professionals will agree that Elleebana lash lift products are easy to use and create beautiful lashes for their clients. 

Product benefits:

  • Easy-to-use
  • Quick application and setting time

The goal in a lash lift is to give your client long, supple, and thick eyelashes — achieve this with the products in our lash lifting kit! This kit is easy-to-use, is less messy than other traditional lash kits, uses premium quality ingredients, and is all together in one convenient product package!