October 27, 2019 2 min read

We get this question all the time, “What the heck is a lash lift?!” Well, here’s the answer I always tend to give, and it starts with a question for the person questioning. “Do you want the scientific answer or the simple, Addison answer?”.

So let’s start with the scientific answer. According to the manufacturers of Elleebana Lash Lift, “Similar to hair curling treatments - lash lifting uses a chemical treatment referred to as “reduction” to breakdown the disulphide bonds within a lash and permanently redirects the lash into a lifted style. Each lash has multiple disulphide bonds that join one sulfur atom on one polypeptide chain linked to another sulfur atom on a different polypeptide chain. The chemical known as a thiol compound or thioglycolate softens, swells and raises the cuticles present on the outer layers of the lash and the thioglycolate molecule enables the disulphide bonds within the natural lash to break open, the polypeptide chains are now able to easily be reshaped”…”commonly a hydrogen peroxide chemical or similar is used to set the lash by reforming the disulfide bonds.”…”the neutralisation or setting process brings back the PH levels of the lash and strengthens the broken bonds.” (Elleebana Lash Lift Training Manual, Version 2018.2)


So what did I get from that when I first read it? Well, not as much as I would have liked. It took me a couple times reading, and a few searches on Google for word definitions, but I finally understood it and was able to come up with my simple, Addison answer: “You’re changing the shape of the lash to make it lift/curl and give it the look that you get when using a manual eyelash curler with the results lasting 6-8 weeks.”

Basically you’re using one solution to open up the hair so another solution can penetrate the hair. The second solution that penetrates the hair sets it into whatever place the hair is in - which, in Elleebana’s case, is a silicone rod.

Simple, right? Elleebana is an amazing product, with amazing results. It’s a fast, 20-30 minute procedure that lifts your lashes to new heights, opening the eyes, giving the appearance of longer, thicker and darker lashes. Maintenance of a lash lift is much, much less than that of lash extensions. People all over the world are taking this route and leaving the long, sometimes painful/exhausting route of extensions. If you’re not offering this service in your salon, do it. I can guarantee that your business will open up to a whole new type of clientele, which means more clients, which means more $$ in your pocket, which means happiness is being spread all around.

Feel free to reach out to info@lashkings.com for more information.

-Addison Jolley, Elleebana USA Master Trainer